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Melissa Harrington

Founder – Head Trainer – Head Breeder

Headmaster trainer Melissa Harrington has worked with animals for over 35 years. She started her career while working on her Ph.D with large cats and a two-year internship at Guangzhou Zoo in Guangdong Province, China.

From a very young age, Melissa has worked with German Shepherds and has a very broad knowledge of the breed. Over the years, she fell in love with the Malinois and the Dutch Shepherd breed and has dedicated her life to training and development of all breeds and helping the owners understand why certain training is needed for certain breeds.

She is easy to work with professional and above all takes time to explain and show the owners how to work with their dogs.

Melissa Harrington - German Shepherd/Malinois training near Las Vegas

With over 35 years of experience, our team has developed our own style of training to separate us from all the others.

Here at All In One K9, we believe that understanding your dog is first and foremost and will not force train your dog into being something they were not bred for. Our goal is to bring out the special qualities your dog possess and make them shine!

We currently only train large breed working/herding dogs

We train all aspects of:

  • Obedience (Basic – Intermediate – Advanced)
  • Schutzhund Sport
  • Service Dog
  • Scent Detection
  • Agility
  • Behavioral Remodification

We are AKC Certified Trainers and Evaluators as well as USCA and WDA, and come to you for at-home training as well as other locations. We service Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas.

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