Schutzhund Training

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Schutzhund Training (IPO)

Your dog MUST have all shots before any training!

Schutzhund (which translates to ‘protection dog’ and is known as IPO) is first and foremost to qualify a dog for breeding and prove the bloodline by trialing the dog in many areas. The end result is a dog that is unfazed by just about anything, with the closest possible relationship to his or her trainer.


Schutzhund Prep Training

This class is to prepare your dog for their first steps in Schutzhund training, personal protection and /or advanced obedience. Your dog will be evaluated for any flaws and corrected, this will build up a high drive to learn and to walk off-leash while strengthening their obedience.

If your dog has issues such as barking, digging, aggression issues, biting and needs to be trained due to bad behavior, this class will handle these issues as well.

Schutzhund training in Las Vegas (IPO)

BH Preparation and Trial

The BH is the entry-level test for your dog who will be entering into sport competition of Schutzhund. This is a very strict obedience entry-level test and demands a great deal of time and focus with you and your dog. It is fun and challenging.

If you have a high energy dog with drive, this may be for you! This is a 16 Week Course at one hour sessions. For dogs 18 months and older.

Cost: $3,500.00.

Schutzhund training in Las Vegas (IPO)


Schutzhund training tests these character traits:

  • Strong desire to work
  • Courage
  • Intelligence
  • Trainability
  • Strong bond to the handler
  • Perseverance
  • Protective Instinct

Also physical traits including:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Agility
  • Scenting Ability
The dog must pass a temperament test called a B or BH which includes:
  • Basic Obedience around strangers
  • ​Other dogs​
  • Traffic and other loud noises


Titles and Trials in Schutzhund (IPO):

IPO I & the Tracking Trial:

Title I:

  • The dog must be at least 18 months old and pass a temperament test given by the judge.​ During this test, your dog will be required to track a trail laid out by you (the handler) 20 minutes prior.
  • Then, the dog must heel off-leash, do the walking sit and down command, long down distraction, and send out. Next up is retrieving on the flat and over a hurdle, and over a scaling wall.
  • Next is the protection phase. Your dog will be searching 2 blinds, perform an escape plus courage tests. Ending with demonstrating side transport.

Tracking Trial:

  • The Tracking Trail (Phase) will first focus on the temperament of the dog. The dog is expected to not react in an aggressive or shy way when on a loose leash and approached.
  • The tracking itself will be laid out by someone walking casually on a natural surface (grass or dirt). There are several turns and man-made objects throughout the track, which the handler will follow the leashed dog through.
  • When the objects are located, and the dog reacts appropriately (usually by laying down at the handler’s feet) the test is complete.
  • This trail phase is meant to test not only the dog’s scent ability but also their trainability as well as their physical and mental endurance.

IPO II and the Obedience Trial:​

Title II:

  • Once your dog at IPO I and is at least 19 months of age, they can start the second level of Schutzhund. This phase is a more difficult version of IPO I. Your dog will need to perform another tracking exercise, this time laid out by a stranger 30 minutes prior to the test.
  • You will also go through a more difficult test in heeling, endurance, and agility. This is to all test the control your dog has.
  • There is also a retrieve that is required over a six-foot slanted wall as well as a search of 4 blinds and demonstrates a back transport of a decoy.

Obedience Trial:

  • The Obedience Trial (Phase) begins with off-leash heeling exercises around people. There will also be a gunshot to test your dogs’ reaction to sharp noises.
  • Your dog will then do the heel off-leash commands, similar to phase I, while you (as the handler) are on the move. They will also be asked to run straight to you on command then lie down, as the second command. During this, your dog will need to ignore the distractions placed throughout the field.
  • Lastly, involves your dog using various sizes of dumbbell weights. They will need to retrieve said weights on a flat surface, going over a one-meter hurdle, then over a six-foot slanted wall.
  • All of these exercises are meant to test the dog’s temperament, structure, and willingness/trust in their owner.​

IPO III and the Protection Trial:​

Title II:

  • When your dog is at least 20 months of age and after the completion of IPO I & II, IPO III can be earned. This is, again, a much more intense test. You will be going through much of the same as you did in the first two titles.​​ For the tracking, the trail will be laid down by a stranger, 60 minutes prior to the test.
  • The heeling, obedience and protection tests will be more difficult as well, and also off-leash.

Protection Trial:

  • The Protection Trial is meant to test your dog’s protection, agility, and strength. As well as show the bond between handler and dog.
  • During this phase, your dog will be doing search exercises in hiding places, finding a person hiding there (the decoy) and guarding the decoy while you approach.
  • This entire test is meant to show how well the handler and dog work together, the strength/obedience of the breed, and overall confidence in trust between humans and dogs.


Degrees in Schutzhund (IPO):

  1. BH is a Temperament/Obedience Test
  2. AD, which is and Endurance Test
  3. STPr, FH 1, FH 2, and IPO-FH, which are Tracking Degrees