Training Your Puppy

Posted by Melissa May 14, 2022

Training your puppy is the second most important thing to do after picking the right puppy for you and your family. Puppy training can be time consuming and sometimes down right frustrating! However, training is a necessity for all new puppy’s and their owners.

Puppy training is not only about training your puppy, but also about training yourself to stay consistent with your training. Using the same words for commands is your first step into training yourself and your family to stay on the same page with your words for puppy.

For instance, if you say, “Here!” one minute and “Come!” the next, you will be confusing your puppy right from the beginning. Make a list of commands you and your family will use to stay on track.

You also need to stay on track with training your puppy’s do’s and don’t’s. One person in the family may allow puppy on the couch, while the family rule is no puppy’s on the couch. Puppy training must stay constant, just like raising a human child.

While training your puppy, puppy should NEVER have free reign of the house. Puppy needs to learn boundaries first. You should have an x pen for your puppy to learn how to self sooth, socialize by using toys that squeak, crumple, hard toys, soft toys, boxes, etc. The more toys you introduce one at a time, the more your puppy will start to socialize with different objects. This is the beginning of socialization as well as with you and different people and pets in your home.

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